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Friday, June 7, 2024

Bird flu death: One person died due to bird flu, do not ignore these symptoms if you see them

In the past few months, many cases of bird flu have been reported all over the world, but now one person has died due to this virus. A patient in Mexico has died due to this virus. Let us know about the symptoms and prevention of bird flu.

Bird flu case: Cases of bird flu are increasing continuously in many countries of the world. But now a case of infection and death in humans has come to light. According to the World Health Organization, a 59-year-old patient has died of bird flu in Mexico. This person was infected with the H5N2 strain. This patient already had many diseases, but the cause of his death has been reported to be bird flu. This is said to be the first case of human death due to this disease.

According to the US CDC, this person was infected on May 23. After this, his symptoms were getting severe and the patient died on June 5. The CDC has said that there have been no cases of the virus spreading from one person to another, but it is not yet clear whether the virus has spread to this patient from a human or a bird.

CDC has said that bird flu is many times more dangerous than corona. Its mortality rate is also higher than Covid. If it infects humans, it can be fatal. In such a situation, there is a need to be cautious.

Alert was also issued in India

The Indian government had also issued an advisory regarding bird flu. In this, the states were asked to be alert about this virus. All the states were advised to keep an eye on the deaths of birds and chickens. Those working in poultry farms were also asked to be alert. Cases of bird flu keep coming in India too, but cases of its infection in humans are not seen.

Epidemic expert Dr Ajay Kumar says that it is very difficult for bird flu to spread to humans, but the deaths in Mexico are a cause of concern. For the past few years, cases of this virus are increasing all over the world. Apart from birds, this virus is now spreading to cows and some other animals as well. Now a case of infection in humans has come up. Which can be dangerous. In such a situation, people must be aware of the symptoms and prevention of this virus.

What are the symptoms of bird flu

high fever


Muscle pain

respiratory distress


How to prevent bird flu

Avoid going near infected birds and chickens.

Eat well cooked meat

Store cooked and raw meat in separate places

wash hands and eat

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