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Friday, June 7, 2024

Be careful! Do not watch these four Netflix movies in the metro, otherwise you will have to pay the penalty forever


Netflix best erotic movies: These days, the craze of OTT is on the rise among people of all ages. This is the reason that as soon as they get a little free time, people now start watching their favorite webseries or movies on the phone. Usually this scene can be easily seen in the metro. Where people going to office or coming from office are seen watching a webseries or movie on the OTT platform for entertainment in their free time. If you are also among these people, then be careful because there are many such movies on Netflix (Netflix best erotic movies) which if you watch in the crowd of the metro, then you may have to feel embarrassed.

1. After

Released in 2019, After (Netflix best erotic movies) is an American romantic drama, which tells the story of a young woman who starts romancing a mysterious student during college. There are many scenes in the film in which nudity is quite high. Although the film received a lot of negative reviews due to the sexual scenes shown in many scenes, the film still managed to collect a good amount at the box office. At the same time, its popularity among the youth is also very high, due to which more parts of the film have been released. But if you want to watch it, then do not make the mistake of watching it in any public place (Netflix best erotic movies).

2. 365 Days

This movie, which was released in Poland on 7 February 2020, was released on Netflix on 7 June 2020 (Netflix best erotic movies). This is an erotic thriller film which is full of sexual content. In this film, a mafia kidnaps a girl and then gives her 365 days to fall in love. And in these days, such things happen to that girl which you cannot even imagine. In fact, if you watch this movie alone, you may feel uncomfortable for a moment.

3. Unfaithful

'Unfaithful', released in 2002, is an erotic thriller film (Netflix best erotic movies). It is the story of a couple from New York City. In the film, a woman not only meets another boy in the presence of her husband but also has a physical relationship with him. Many romantic scenes have been shown between these two in the film which are full of nudity. However, the husband becomes suspicious of the woman and then one day he kills that boy. This film proved to be a big hit in America and if seen, it is a very good movie but do not make the mistake of watching it in the metro or else the people standing around you will try to eat you with their eyes.

4. Burning Betrayal

'Burning Betrayal', released in 2023, is a romantic thriller. The film starts with a sex scene (Netflix best erotic movies) from which you can guess what the film will be like. Actually, this film shows a girl whose boyfriend is cheating on her and when the girl gets a hint of cheating, she decides to move forward in life but after that she gets to see a lot. To know what the girl gets to see, you should watch the movie and keep in mind that it would be better if you know it alone because if you watch it in the metro, then people sitting next to you along with you will also see it and then you will have to be embarrassed because of it.

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