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Monday, May 6, 2024

Why does tanning happen? To remove this, make detan soap at home

Homemade Detan Soap:
Sunburn or tanning is common in summer, but very few people know what is the real reason behind it. Let us tell you the important reason for tanning. Also know how you can make homemade de tan soap.

The risk of skin darkening is greater during summer. The UV rays emanating from the sun damage the skin from within. Darkness on the skin can ruin the entire look. Many methods are tried to remove tanning. Many products are available in the market and most of the women follow the process of D tan for this. Now the question is why does tanning happen? People consider sunburn and tanning to be the same, although there is a difference between them.

Here we are going to tell you what exactly tanning is. If you want to treat it at home, then know how homemade de tan soap can be made?

Why does tanning happen?

Generally everyone wants the skin to be glowing and healthy. But the look gets damaged due to tan. What is tanning? Actually, our skin gets tan when our skin comes in contact with ultraviolet rays. There are two types of UV: UVA and UVB. There are three layers in the skin in which we can see the first layer. The second layer contains nerves, glands and follicles. The third layer contains fatty tissues, veins and arteries. UVA reaches our lowest layer due to which melanin starts forming. Melanin determines our skin tone. If it starts getting produced in excess then the skin starts appearing dark. Therefore it is important to control it.

UVB rays cause sunburn and it affects the second layer of our skin. People with dark skin do not get sunburn easily. However, sunscreen should be used to avoid tanning and sunburn.

What are its dangers?

Along with tanning, there is also a fear of premature aging due to staying in the sun for a long time. UVA can cause skin cancer melanoma. Apart from this, if care is not taken, dark spots and wrinkles start appearing.

How to make de tan soap at home

For this you will need aloe vera gel, oats, lentils, coffee, soap base and soap mold tray. First of all make a paste of aloe vera gel, oats and lentils. Now add coffee in it and mix. Take water in a vessel and add hot water to it and place the soap base bowl on it. In this case the soap will melt and after that add the paste in it. Pour the paste into the soap mold tray and leave for a few hours. Your homemade de tan soap is ready.

potato juice

However, to remove tanning, home remedy of potato juice can be tried. If you want, you can eliminate sunburn or tanning by applying it on the skin daily. Just extract the potato juice and apply it on the skin with cotton and after it dries, clean it with cold water. However, before applying it, do a patch test on the skin.

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