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Thursday, May 30, 2024

When Vidya Balan stood outside a coffee shop and begged for a packet of biscuits

Vidya Balan had revealed in an interview that once she had stood in front of a hotel in Mumbai and begged for just a biscuit. Why did she have to do this? She had also told the reason for this in the same interview. Let us tell you what the whole matter is.

Vidya Balan is known for her strong acting. Recently she was seen in the film 'Do Aur Do Pyaar'. Apart from this, she has worked in many films. Once Vidya Balan revealed that she had begged in front of a coffee shop in Mumbai. However, she was not really begging. She was just acting as if she was begging. She herself narrated this story.

Vidya said that she had an Indian music group. It used to organize Indian classical music concerts every year and Vidya was a volunteer in its organizing committee. This concert used to go on continuously for 3 days. She used to help organize the concerts. When the show was over at night, she and everyone else used to go to Mumbai's Nariman Point for a walk. She further said that once her team had given her a dare.

Dare was found

Vidya said, “I was dared to act like a beggar. They told me to knock on the door of Oberoi-The Palms coffee shop and ask for something to eat. But they did not know that I was an actor. I went to the coffee shop and kept knocking on the door. Everyone started getting annoyed. I knocked several times. I kept telling the shopkeepers that please, I am hungry. I have not eaten anything since yesterday. But they started looking the other way. Then, my friend called me back feeling embarrassed.”

For the Jim Jam Biscuits

Vidya told that after winning this dare, she got an extra Jim Jam biscuit. Actually, the sponsor of her concert was Britannia and they had a lot of biscuits. But she completed this dare to get an extra packet of Jim Jam. Vidya was very happy after completing this dare because she got Jim Jam biscuit, which she liked.

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