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Friday, May 17, 2024

What should be the diet in PCOD disease? Learn from experts

Nowadays the problem of PCOD is increasing very fast. In this, it is very important to take care of lifestyle along with treatment. Therefore, what kind of foods a PCOD patient should include in his diet, let us know about it from experts.

When a woman or girl has irregular periods, it is ignored considering it to be a very common problem and is often not treated, saying that everything will be fine after marriage. But if this problem is not treated in time, it can become a big problem in the future.

Many genetic reasons are responsible for this, while our unhealthy lifestyle is also a big reason for this. We know this lifestyle disease as Polycystic Ovary Disease i.e. PCOD. This is a very common problem in women today. Which is also called PCOS.

PCOD is a hormonal disorder. If we look at its name, Poly means many... Cyst means lumps. That is, a disease in which many cysts i.e. small lumps are formed inside your ovaries. These lumps filled with water cause a lot of trouble. In PCOD, male hormones start getting produced in excess in the woman's body. Due to this, a woman does not have her periods at regular intervals and sometimes many women do not have periods for months. If a woman does not have her periods regularly, ovulation does not occur properly. Due to which it becomes very difficult for a woman to conceive.

The problem of PCOD can be treated. But it cannot be cured completely. Therefore, in the treatment, the symptoms seen in PCOD are controlled. Because in many cases this disease is lifestyle related, it is very important to improve your lifestyle to stay away from such diseases and to control them. Our diet also plays the biggest role in this.

What kind of foods should be eaten in PCOD?

Dr. Reema Dada, Professor at AIIMS, New Delhi, says that PCOD is treated through medicines and surgery. Apart from this, it is also very important to make changes in your lifestyle. In which your eating routine should be taken care of. Green vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. Also fiber rich foods should be consumed. Apart from this, sleeping and waking up on time, maintaining weight and exercising should also be included.

Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber is found in good quantity in foods like strawberry, avocado, oats, apple, raspberry, banana, beetroot, broccoli, lentils, kidney beans, gram, almonds and chia seeds.

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