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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

What kind of rotis will be made if ice is added to the flour and kneaded? Know here


Often, while kneading the dough, we think about how and for how long to knead it so that the roti becomes soft and fluffy. Although you will find hundreds of videos on the internet about kneading dough, but today we are going to tell you one such hack for kneading dough, after which you will definitely be able to knead dough in the same way. In some videos available on the internet, it is claimed that if you prepare the dough by adding ghee or milk or cream to the flour, then the roti becomes soft and it does not become hard even after storing it. But have you ever wondered what happens if you add ice to the dough and knead it? Let us know about it.

We have heard from most of the people that kneading the flour with hot water makes the roti soft. But what if you start making roti by mixing ice cubes. Will this make the dough wet or will the roti become soft? Let us know what happens when kneading the dough by adding ice to it and what are its benefits.

What happens when you knead flour by mixing ice in it?

After a few minutes of kneading the dough, it either becomes hard or the roti starts turning black. In such a situation, not only is there difficulty in making roti, the nutrition of the roti also decreases. In such a situation, you can mix ice cubes in the dough and knead it. This will make the roti more soft and white. The flour will not turn black even after keeping it for a long time.

How to knead dough with ice cubes?

For this, mix some pieces of ice in a bowl of water and separate them. When the water cools down completely, knead the dough with it. Keep in mind that if you want to make soft and fluffy rotis, do not knead the dough too wet. After kneading the dough with ice water, it will not only become soft but will also swell well and the roti will not turn black.

How to make puffed bread?

1. To make puffy rotis, you can adopt some hacks like adding oil or ghee to it while kneading the dough.

2. Do not knead the dough too quickly and after kneading, do not keep it in the open for too long. If you are going to make roti after some time, cover it with a muslin cloth.

3.After kneading the dough, you can store it in a plastic container. This will prevent the flour from turning black.

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