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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

5 theories related to Ibrahim Raisi's helicopter crash, pointing towards a bigger conspiracy


Iran's President Ibrahim Raisi is no more in this world. He lost his life in a helicopter crash. Many claims are being made regarding Raisi's death. Whether his death was a conspiracy or he was actually a victim of the accident, this will be revealed only after investigation, but 5 theories related to the crash have come to light. This theory has come to light after examining many media reports and experts' claims.

Which are those theories?

The first theory is that the helicopter in which Raees was traveling. Had its rotors replaced just before this trip. Raisi reached Azerbaijan in a helicopter with 2 rotors instead of 4, because helicopters with 2 rotors are not allowed to carry 8 passengers, whereas there were 9 people including the pilot in Raisi's helicopter.

If we talk about the second theory, then Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei's son has alleged that Direct Energy Weapon or Space Laser was used to crash President Raisi's helicopter, so that no one would have a clue and there would be no explosion in the sky. The same helicopter was shot down.

Third theory pointing towards a bigger conspiracy

The third theory related to the helicopter crash is pointing towards a bigger conspiracy. That is, the weather data of May 19 was deleted from Iran's government records. In fact, it is being claimed in some media reports that the weather was clear when Raisi took off from Azerbaijan. But after a few kilometers there was storm, rain and fog. But this information was not mentioned in the satellite weather report.

The fourth theory is that the radio signal in the helicopter is turned off or there is a technical fault in it. In fact, some media reports are claiming that the radio signal of the helicopter was off before the crash. Now the pilot turned it off or there was some technical problem. At present, suspense remains on this, because the pilot did not communicate with ATC before the accident.

The fifth theory is based on Russia's claim. It is that Israel and Western countries are involved in Raisi's helicopter crash, because the area where the helicopter crashed is a stronghold of Mossad. Therefore, on the instructions of Britain or NATO, Mossad very cleverly crashed the helicopter.

Iran's state media said President Raisi, the country's foreign minister and several other officials were found dead on Monday, hours after their helicopter crashed in a foggy mountainous region in the country's northwest. Raisi was 63 years old. His group was heading towards Tabriz city after returning from a visit to an area on the Azerbaijan-Iran border on Sunday.

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