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Friday, May 10, 2024

What is the viral Husband Test trend, for which women are going crazy?

Viral Husband Test Trend: The bond of any relationship is strengthened by mutual love and respect, and no test is required for this. But these days, a strange relationship test has become very popular on social media for which even women are going crazy.

To test how strong is the bond of your relationship, some time ago the trend ' Orange Peel Theory ' and ' Ketchup Challenge ' went viral on social media. These days, a new relationship test is in trend, through which women are testing their boyfriends and their commitment towards the relationship. Many internet users are jumping into this trend called ' Husband Test ' and sharing the reactions of their partners. Let us know what is the new relationship trend, and why it is being called husband test.

According to the new trend, women call their boyfriend husband during informal conversations and see how he reacts to it. During this time the woman is secretly recording everything on the camera. People involved in the trend believe that if the boyfriend smiles then understand that the relationship is healthy. If it breaks up, it means the relationship will not last long.

What do experts have to say on the trend?

However, experts say that it is too early to judge a relationship as good or bad through these online tests. He believes that no one can guess what a relationship is like from one reaction given on camera. Therefore, do not spoil your relationship by falling prey to these tests. Because, relationship is strengthened by mutual love and respect. No test is needed for this.

How did this trend start?

This trend started when TikToker Crazy Green posted a video in which she deliberately called her boyfriend husband to gauge his reaction. But the boyfriend did not like this and immediately said that he was not her husband. From this, people concluded that Kranzy's lover is not committed to her. After this, many people started sharing similar reaction videos with the tag 'Husband Test'. More than 3 crore people follow Crazy on TikTok. He has now deleted that video.

TikToker crazy with boyfriend

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