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Friday, May 10, 2024

Married with great pomp to girlfriend, then such truth of wife came to light, husband was shocked to know

In Indonesia, a man married his girlfriend with much fanfare. He had proposed the girl after falling in love at first sight. But only after 12 days of marriage, such truth of the newlywed wife came to light that a 'if you bite, there will be no blood' situation with her. This is not a case of a robber bride.

Imagine that you fell in love at first sight with a sweetheart. You even married him. But after a few days you come to know that she is not a girl but a boy, then what will you do? Obviously, there will be a situation of 'if you bite, there will be no blood'. Something similar happened with an Indonesian man, who had recently married his girlfriend with great pomp. But as soon as the newlywed wife came home, a scandal broke out.

According to the report of Oddity Central, a 26-year-old man shocked the police by saying that the person he had brought home thinking he was a bride was actually a boy. That means he has been cheated. Now you might be thinking that when it was love at first sight, we did not know who the person was. Let us know how this mess happened?

The person told that he had met her on the internet. After dating each other online for a few days, both of them decided to meet in person. The man says that as soon as he saw the girl, he fell in love at first sight. After this he proposed for marriage. However, the man had felt something strange about his fiancee at that time, but because he was immersed in love, he never doubted that she was a man.

The girl told her name as Adinda Kanja Ajjahara. She was always in hijab. The man liked her style very much, because he considered her shy. But the trouble started when she kept hiding her face even after marriage. Not only this, she used to hesitate even in front of anyone.

The man became upset after seeing such behavior of his newlywed wife. After this, when he investigated, he was shocked to know its truth. Because, the person whom he thought was his wife till now was actually a boy who was fooling him by pretending to be a girl. On the complaint of the person, a case has been registered against the boy. He may also be sentenced to four years in jail in the fraud case.

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