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Friday, May 10, 2024

What is the bed rotting trend which is increasing craze among the youth?

Bed Rotting Trend: Bed rotting is a kind of relaxing process through which a person spends the whole day lying on the bed. During this time, he can talk to someone on the phone or watch a movie while lying on the bed.

Bed Rotting: New trends keep becoming popular on social media every day and the youth of the country follow these trends a lot. One of these trends is becoming quite popular on social media which is being called Bed Rotting . Actually, through bed rotting, people focus on self-care to reduce work pressure. Many times it happens in everyone's life that we don't feel like doing anything, we just feel like lying on the bed. In the language of GenZ , this is called (Bed Rotting) . Let us know about it in detail.

Be it a hangover or feeling unwell or not in a good mood, we need one day in a week when we spend the whole day relaxing. This concept is not new but it is being called bed rotting on many social media platforms. Although bed rotting is a relaxing process, it can also harm your health.

Bed rotting causes these harms to health

Through bed rotting, people spend the whole day lying on the bed without doing any work. This means that on this day you should isolate yourself from the world and just lie in bed the whole day and do not do any work on this day. During bed rot, you can talk to someone while lying on the bed or watch a movie. It is not necessary that bed rotting should be for only one day, some people follow this process for 2 to 3 days. In such a situation, it can harm your mental health. It has been found in many mental health research that lying in bed for a long time can cause mood swings. Because of this, you may feel stressed and in some cases it may even cause depression. Bed rotting for a day is fine, but bed rotting for more than a day can spoil your mental health.

This problem can occur due to bed rotting

Lying on the bed all day can cause back pain as well as backbone problems. Pain and cramps may start in the muscles of the body. Lying in bed all day can make you feel lethargic and even make you feel sick. If you do not do any kind of physical activity then it can also become the cause of obesity. Due to slowing down of metabolism, it can make you feel very unhealthy. Such trends are also not good in terms of hygiene and cause you more harm than benefit.

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