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Friday, May 17, 2024

Weird Marriage Rituals: Search for a groom for a girl who died 30 years ago, what is the reason behind soul marriage?

Karnataka Marriage: An advertisement published in a newspaper in Puttur, Karnataka is currently in the news. Actually, this advertisement has been given to search for a boy who can be married according to all the rules and regulations with a girl who died 30 years ago. An advertisement has been given by a family from Puttur, whose newborn daughter died in an accident 30 years ago. Now they want to get their deceased daughter married and for this they are looking for a 30 year old groom of their own caste, who has died. So that those souls can get married. 

...that's why they are getting the dead daughter married 

Since the untimely death of the daughter, some or the other incidents have been happening continuously with the family. Due to this, the elders of the society have asked him to get his dead daughter married. He believes that his unmarried daughter's soul is restless in the afterlife due to her inability to get married. Due to this his family is facing problems. In such a situation, marriage should be done for the peace of the soul of the deceased daughter. There is also a tradition for this in some areas of Karnataka and Kerala. 

Now the marriage of souls will take place 

In some coastal areas of Karnataka and Kerala, there are many traditions related to deceased people, which may seem strange to other people. One of these traditions is Pretha Maduve. In this, marriage of souls is done. Through such traditions, living family members maintain a deep connection with the spirits. It also tells that even after death they are an important part of their families' lives. Preetha Maduve is also a tradition in which unmarried dead people are married. 

Received more than 50 calls 

The advertisement given by the family in the newspaper reads, 'A 30-year-old groom is required for the bride who died 30 years ago. For Preetha Maduve (marriage of souls) please call this number. After publishing this advertisement, the family has received about 50 phone calls. The girl's caste, Kulal caste and Gotra Bangera have also been mentioned in the advertisement. 

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