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Friday, May 17, 2024

These health related mistakes increase the risk of miscarriage in women, take precautions like this

The time of pregnancy is very important for any woman, any small mistake can put the life of the child and the mother in danger, hence it is advised to take special precautions during this time. At this time, even the slightest mistake increases the risk of miscarriage. Let us know what are those mistakes which increase the risk of miscarriage.

Becoming a mother is the most special feeling for every woman, but today everyone wants only one or two children. But to make a career, late marriage and late baby planning are becoming common, in such a situation, women plan a child when they become very old, due to which now more cases of abortion i.e. miscarriage are being seen among women than before. Are. Apart from this, there are many reasons due to which the risk of miscarriage is increasing in women.

having a baby late

Gynecologist Dr. Nupur Gupta says that with increasing age, many problems start arising in women, one of which is less eggs being produced in the uterus and eggs of poor quality. When you think of having a child after the age of 30-35, then you face many problems in having a child, one of which is very common is difficulty in conceiving and if you conceive then the problem of miscarriage is seen. Therefore, 25 to 30 years of age is considered to be the best age to have children. When the quality of your eggs is good.

smoking and alcohol consumption

Nowadays, in the modern society, the trend of smoking and drinking has increased a lot among women. Due to which the quality of eggs of women is adversely affected and such women face difficulty in conceiving a child and more cases of miscarriage are also seen in them.

wearing too many heels

Although there is no direct connection between heels and pregnancy, it has been seen in many cases that in the initial months, many women become unbalanced due to heels and fall, which leads to miscarriage. Therefore, in the initial months, special attention should be paid not to wear too many heels which may lead to loss of balance, nor to slip in wet places, use stairs less and do not stand for too long.

hormonal problems

Many hormonal problems also increase the risk of miscarriage. Many types of hormones also affect pregnancy, so before planning pregnancy, consult a doctor and get all the necessary tests done.

many unnecessary medications

Consumption of many types of medicines can also cause miscarriage, so after the start of pregnancy, do not take any medicine without consulting your doctor. This also increases the risk of miscarriage.

diabetes problem

Experts say that diabetes can also cause miscarriage, hence it is very important to control diabetes, hence take medicines as per the doctor's advice on time and avoid using unnecessary medicines.

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