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Friday, May 31, 2024

Video: A man stood on a moving bike at high speed, police said- 'Yamraj can sleep but...'


Viral Video:  Nowadays people are ready to go to any extent to go viral. People are so obsessed with making reels that people are not even caring about their lives. It seems that the fear of police and law has gone from the mind of the reel mafia. One such video is becoming very viral on social media at this time, in this video a person is seen doing stunts while standing on a moving bike. Seeing the viral video, people are demanding strict action against this person.

A man standing on a moving bike amidst traffic

In the video that is going viral on social media, it can be seen that a person is driving a bike at a high speed. After this, the person stands on the moving bike with both hands free. This person, standing on the high-speed bike and leaving his hands free, also overtakes the bus going ahead of him. The person's companion who was driving in another car behind recorded this video on camera. Which was shared on social media and a demand was made to arrest the youth. Social media users are also continuously commenting on this video.

What did the police say on the viral video

This video going viral on social media has been viewed more than 84 thousand times so far. Thousands of people have liked this video. This video has been shared on social media platform X. Seeing this video, social media users have become angry and are continuously commenting. One user wrote, 'Only police batons can correct such people.' On this, Samastipur Police gave its reaction and said, 'Yamraj can sleep but Samastipur Police is awake 24 hours.' On this reaction of the police, a social media user said, 'We can see the police sleeping too.' Let us tell you that this is not the first time that such videos have gone viral on social media. Even before this, many such videos have gone viral on social media.

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