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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

This hill station is just 200 km away from Delhi, plan to visit on weekends

If you want to spend some moments of peace away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, then you can take the help of this article. Here we are going to tell you about some such places which are located just 200 km away from Delhi.

Tired of the fast-paced life of Delhi, people often want to go out for holidays on weekends. As soon as the weekend arrives, people of Delhi plan to visit somewhere from Friday night itself. To make the weekend stress free after the whole week of office work, most of the people like to go to some place around Delhi where they neither have the tension of staying nor of taking extra leave from the office. If you are also planning to travel somewhere this weekend and your budget is also low, then you can take help of this article.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, within a radius of just 200 km, there are some beautiful places which will fascinate you at a glance. If you are short of time and looking for a good trip then you can explore these places around Delhi.

1.Neemrana Fort

Neemrana is located on the Delhi Jaipur Highway in Alwar, Rajasthan, it is famous for its ancient and very magnificent Neemrana Fort. Prithviraj Chauhan III ruled from this palace in 1464 AD. This fort is a perfect example of history and modernity. If you want a glimpse of Rajputana history away from the hustle and bustle of the city around Delhi, then you can come to explore this fort. Here you can also do some adventure activities.

2. . Go to Alwar from Delhi

People like to stop in Alwar on the way from Delhi to Rajasthan. There are many tourist places in Alwar like Bhangarh Fort, Lake, Sariska Tiger Reserve where you can visit on weekends. Apart from being a major tourist centre, let us tell you that many Bollywood films have also been shot here. Alwar is also famous for Mawa which is a kind of sweet dish. Alwar, surrounded by the Aravalli hills, is a beautiful city full of culture and heritage. The majestic fort, city palace and colorful markets present here make Alwar different from other cities of Rajasthan. It is situated at a distance of just 185 km from Delhi.

3.Delhi to Kurukshetra

Kurukshetra is also known as Dharmakshetra. Located at a distance of 170 km from Delhi, the city is known for the battle between the Kauravas and the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata. This place is famous for its museums, temples and lakes. There is a village named Amin at a distance of a few kilometers from Kurukshetra where there is a fort of Arjun's son Abhimanyu. People interested in history can plan to visit Kurukshetra.

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