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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In Bengaluru, a girl got a hole in her stomach after eating smokey paan, know the whole matter.

Nowadays, in some fancy places, nitrogen gas is being used to enhance the beauty of the dish. At the same time, after what happened to a 12 year old girl in Bengaluru, perhaps you will never think of eating nitrogen paan again.

Nowadays people have started following various trends to look cool. One of these is the trend of smokey paan. Which people also call nitrogen paan. You will easily get these smokey paan in any mall or paan shop. Actually, smokey paan is prepared with the help of a kind of harmful chemical nitrogen, due to which it becomes harmful for our health.

Nitrogen is a type of gas which is converted into liquid and stored at a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius. Due to this, liquid nitrogen starts vaporizing rapidly and smoke starts coming out. People find it very cool to see, due to which people go to new places and try it and also make videos. The trend of eating paan stored in liquid nitrogen is becoming quite popular these days.

Small children often become curious when they see something new and want to try it. But parents probably forget that everything available in the market is not for small children and also causes great harm to their health. Actually, recently after eating this paan with a 12 year old girl, something happened which will shock your soul and you will hardly ever think of eating nitrogen paan again. Let us know what is the whole matter.

What is the matter of nitrogen pan?

This case is from Bengaluru where a small girl had a hole in her stomach after eating this paan. According to reports, the girl was admitted to the hospital where she was said to be suffering from a serious illness. The girl's report revealed a disease called perforated peritonitis, which means a hole in the stomach. Doctors have cured it through surgery and after 6 days the girl has been discharged from the hospital.

The girl told the whole matter

While talking to the media, the girl told that she had gone to a wedding where she saw some people eating this smokey paan. Seeing everyone, he also wanted to try this paan. As soon as he ate the nitrogen paan, he started having unbearable pain in his stomach. She was immediately admitted to the hospital and then it was found out that due to eating this nitrogen paan, a hole had formed in the stomach due to which the girl had to face unbearable pain.

What is liquid nitrogen?

To increase the quality and shelf life of packed food, a London company had created liquid nitrogen. With the help of liquid nitrogen, things like coffee, potato chips, peanuts, peanut butter etc. are kept fresh for months. Nowadays, to attract the attention of customers, many restaurants have started making the dishes fancy by using liquid nitrogen. As fancy as these dishes may appear, in reality they are equally harmful.

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