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Sunday, May 26, 2024

These natural things purify the blood and bring glow on the face too

Continuous consumption of unhealthy foods leads to impurities in the blood, which can badly affect health. Some natural things help in purifying the blood.

If you want to keep both the body and the skin healthy, then it is very important to have clean blood. If there are toxins in the blood, it can cause many serious diseases in you, apart from this, problems like pimples, acne, etc. also start increasing on the face and the skin starts looking dull, so it is very important to detox the body from time to time.

It is through blood that the functions of oxygen, fats, hormones etc. run smoothly in the body, but when we eat unhealthy things, impurities start forming in the blood and due to this, along with weakening of immunity, the risk of developing many serious diseases also increases. For now, let us know about such things which help in cleaning the blood.

Turmeric is a natural blood purifier

Turmeric, which is easily available in the kitchen, is a treasure trove of properties. The elements present in it help in purifying the blood naturally. Turmeric milk or turmeric water can be consumed.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves, which are bitter in taste but are full of medicinal properties, are also effective in purifying blood. 4 to 5 neem leaves can be chewed on an empty stomach in the morning. This also helps in curing skin related problems. However, if the blood sugar level is low, do not eat neem leaves, otherwise the problem can increase a lot.

Basil leaves

Most houses have a Tulsi plant. In Ayurveda too, Tulsi is said to be a medicine for many diseases. To purify the blood, swallow 4 Tulsi leaves with water on an empty stomach in the morning. This will also increase immunity and improve digestion. Keep in mind that do not eat Tulsi leaves continuously for more than 30 days and do not chew them with your teeth.

Garlic is a panacea

Apart from cleaning the impurities of the blood, garlic also benefits health in many ways. Taking one or two cloves of garlic with lukewarm water every morning is beneficial in controlling blood pressure, preventing fungal infection, liver etc.

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