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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The girl got low marks, her mother left her on the road, the matter reached the court

A 16-year-old girl from Italy is making headlines. The argument between the girl and her mother on the street escalated to such an extent that the matter has now reached the court. The girl's mother is being accused of child abuse.

A 16-year-old girl from Italy is in the news. This girl was travelling in a car with her mother. During this time, the girl started talking to her mother about the recently completed exam and the marks she had obtained in it. The conversation turned into an argument. Eventually, the mother who was driving the car got so angry that she dropped her daughter in the middle of the road.

The road on which the girl was dropped by her mother is said to be an important highway of Rome. In such a situation, the girl kept wandering on the busiest ring road of the highway until she came into the sight of the police. The policemen took the girl to the police station and then explained the whole matter to her. The girl told the whole incident that how the matter escalated so much that the mother dropped her on the middle of the road.

Things got worse when I scored less marks in one subject

If we believe the Italian newspapers, the girl had scored 9 out of 10 in all other subjects but she could barely score 5 in Latin. Her mother did not like the poor performance of the girl in Latin. She got so angry that she took her daughter out of the car and left her on the road. If the matter had remained till here, it would have been one thing but now another angle has been added to it.

The matter reached the court, action can be taken

The police have suspected the girl's 40-year-old mother of child abuse and have referred the case to the juvenile court. News agency AFP tried to get more information about the incident from the police but the police have refused to comment on the matter immediately. This news is being widely discussed in Italy.

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