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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

On the wedding day, the boss sent such a message to the girl that the bride was shocked to see it

A young woman was about to get married when she received a WhatsApp message on her phone which shocked her. This message was not from anyone else but from her boss. This message brought such a turn in the life of the young woman that she will hardly be able to forget it.

A young woman's wedding rituals were going on. Relatives and guests were enjoying this special occasion a lot. But then the bride receives a WhatsApp message on her phone, which leaves her stunned. This message was sent by her boss, which brought such a twist in the girl's life that she will hardly be able to forget.

These days, news of layoffs are coming from different companies. No one has any idea whether the job he has today will remain tomorrow or not. Something similar happened with this young woman from Britain, when on her wedding day, the boss sent a message saying - you have been fired from the job.

Sharing this bitter experience on The Ben Askins Show on YouTube, the girl said, I was enjoying my wedding. Everyone was happy. But a WhatsApp message ruined the biggest and special day of my life. That message was from the boss.

Fired from job on wedding day

In the show, the girl told that the boss and the entire office knew about her marriage, but still the boss sent her a message on her wedding day. It read, I hope you are enjoying the wedding. You must have had a good time. But whatever was written after this, the girl's face turned pale after reading it. It was written, the company has fired you from the job. All the information has been sent to your personal email ID. Best wishes for the future.

also removed from whatsapp group

The girl says that she had picked up the mobile to read people's good wishes, but she was shocked when she read the boss's message. When she checked the email, it was written that she was being fired because she had not lived up to the company's expectations. Along with this, she was also removed from the company's Whatsapp group. However, the girl says that she was never told before that her work was not good.

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