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Monday, May 20, 2024

Summer Makeup: Follow these 6 tips during summer makeup, your look will not deteriorate

Summer Make up: In every season the skin demands different types of make up, so that your look does not get spoiled. The most common problem seen in summer is that of makeup melting. In such a situation, here we are going to tell you some great tips for summer.

Summer Makeup Tips: Makeup plays an important role in looking beautiful. If makeup is not done properly then the whole look gets spoiled. Especially in the summer season, one has to take care of one's look. Due to excessive sweating in this season, your entire look gets spoiled. In every season, the skin demands different types of makeup, so that your look does not get spoiled.

In such a situation, there is a need to pay maximum attention to the weather while doing makeup. The problem of makeup melting is most common during the summer season. Due to this, your entire makeup look gets spoiled, which is like a stain on your beauty. Let us give you great makeup tips in summer, which will make your look beautiful.

Splash of cold water

The most important thing before starting makeup in summer is to wash your face with cold water or splash it. With this you will not sweat for long and the makeup will last longer.

Rub ice

You can also use ice or ice cubes. Rub ice cubes on your face shortly before applying makeup. Note that do not apply ice directly on the skin, instead wrap it in a clean cotton cloth and only then apply it on the face. This will reduce sweating.

Light Foundation

The most important thing for makeup is foundation. While doing makeup during summer, always use light foundation only. With this your foundation will not melt and your face will look fresh.


If you want, you can use concealer instead of foundation. This hides the spots and blemishes on the face. You can use concealer to look elegant.

Don't wear eye makeup

It is better not to wear eye makeup during the summer season. Its results are also good. If you want, you can apply liner with black eye shadow only during the summer season.

Choose lipstick

No more dark colors for lipstick during summer. Select. Try to have matte or nude colored lipstick. For this you can choose lipstick like light pink, light brown.

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