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Friday, May 24, 2024

Rishi Kashyap And Lord Parshurama: Who was Rishi Kashyap? To whom Lord Parshuram had donated the entire earth

Rishi Kashyap And Lord Parshurama: Rishi Kashyap and Lord Parshurama are given great importance in Hinduism. It is said that Lord Parshurama once donated the entire earth to Rishi Kashyap.

Rishi Kashyap And Lord Parshurama: Most people know about Lord Parshurama. He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Also, Kashyap Rishi was a Vedic sage. He was counted among the Saptarishi Ganas. According to Hindu belief, he is one of the seven ancient sages of the Rigveda, the Saptarishis.

Who was Rishi Kashyap

According to Hindu religion, in the early times, Brahma Ji created all kinds of creatures in the sea and on the earth. During this period, he also gave birth to many of his Manasputras, one of whom was Marichi. Kashyap was the learned son of Rishi Marichi Ji. His mother Kala was the daughter of Kardam Rishi and sister of Lord Kapil Dev. On the basis of his great qualities, valour and penance, he was counted among the greatest great personalities.

It is believed that many sages and saints contributed to the creation of the universe. When we talk about the development of the universe, it means the origin of living beings, animals or humans. According to the Puranas, the descendants of Kashyap Rishi were the ones who helped in the expansion of the universe. Kashyap ji had 17 wives, from whose lineage the universe developed.

Kashyap Rishi, the creator of the universe

Kashyap Rishi is also considered the creator of the universe. According to mythology, it is believed that the entire universe was created from Kashyap Rishi. According to the Puranas, Kashyap ji's wives gave birth to Manas Putras. After which this universe was created. That is why Maharishi Kashyap is called the creator of the universe or the creator of the universe. Kashyap is also the name of a popular clan. It is a very widespread clan. It is said that the person whose clan is not found, his clan is considered to be Kashyap, because according to a tradition, all living beings originated from Kashyap.

Parshuram donated the earth

Lord Parashuram was the disciple of sage Kashyap. According to the story, once Parashuram ji conquered the whole earth and destroyed all the Kshatriyas, he performed Ashwamedha Yagya. After which he donated the whole earth to his Guru Kashyap Muni, after which Kashyap ji said to Parashuram - Now you do not live in my country. Following the orders of his Guru, Parashuram resolved not to stay on earth every night. Every night he used to go to Mahendra mountain with the power of moving as fast as the mind.

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