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Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Rekha wanted to have not one or two but 12 children with Amitabh, but her dream was broken because of Jaya Bachchan.


Rekha: The personal life of Bollywood's evergreen actress Rekha was more in discussion than her film career. Rekha is said to be an example of beauty, the glow on her face can only be imagined by some actresses. Even at the age of 60, Rekha is the heartbeat of millions of hearts. Rekha proved her mettle in films with her acting and beauty. However, his personal life was also no less than a film story.

Rekha's life is no less than a film story

Rekha's life is no less than a film story, that is why people always showed interest in reading her life story. Rekha's affair with Amitabh was also much talked about, while her marriage with businessman Mukesh Aggarwal also made a lot of headlines. Applying vermilion on their forehead also creates a ruckus, but some answers are not received. In many interviews, Rekha answered similar questions and also told about her unfulfilled wishes. Let us tell you that Rekha has a wish which you might not know about.

One should have children by the age of 30 – Rekha

In an interview, Rekha had revealed that she wanted many children. The actress had said, 'My fantasy is to have many children, but I hope that it does not remain just a fantasy. My mother also used to say that one should have children at least by the age of 30. Talking about this, Rekha had said, I want my child to grow up physically with me, I do not think there will be any communication gap between us because I am very advanced and think 100 years ahead.

Rekha wanted to have 12 children

Rekha had said, I like privacy very much in my house but I always want children to fill the void in my house. There will be children playing at home and running on the stairs. But I don't want only 2 kids like everyone else. At least 12 children are required. Although I regret that I neither got married nor had children. He had also said that they should not have children without marriage. Giving personal reasons behind this, Rekha had said, I have seen my mother suffering. I have seen them raising a child without a father. Rekha had further said that today's children are very selfish and demanding. Rekha said that today's children know who is around them in one and a half months. You can't fool these kids.

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