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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Rajesh Khanna fell in love with this 13-year-old girl as soon as he saw her eyes, he had predicted her to become a famous actress in school itself


Rajesh Khanna- Who doesn't know Rajesh Khanna, who was known as the king of romance in Bollywood in the 80s. Rajesh Khanna is an evergreen star for the Hindi film industry. Although people may know many small things related to Rajesh Khanna's life, but very few people would know that once Rajesh Khanna became a fan of the eyes of a 13-year-old girl. And later, the same girl also worked in films with Rajesh Khanna and became a big star of Bollywood by working in about 90 films.

Rajesh Khanna was impressed by the eyes of a little girl

Rajesh Khanna, considered the first superstar of Hindi cinema, and Dimple Kapadia once reached Chandigarh for the shooting of their film, during which Rajesh Khanna suddenly saw a 13-year-old girl standing in the crowd in school dress. Rajesh Khanna called that girl to him and told her that "your eyes are very beautiful". And this girl is known as Poonam Dhillon today. Actually, Poonam herself revealed this entire incident in Kapil Sharma's comedy show. However, Poonam further tells that at that time her focus was neither much on films nor did she want to become an actor. At that time she only wanted to focus on her studies and become a doctor.


Poonam did 6 films with Rajesh Khanna

Poonam Dhillon, who won the title of Miss Young India at the age of just 17, made her debut as an actress with the 1978 film 'Trishul'. The film had big actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Sanjeev Kumar, Rakhee, Hema Malini and Waheeda Rehman. After this, she also worked in the film 'Noori' released in 1979 and due to this film, she became very famous in the industry. In her entire career, she has also done 6 films with Rajesh Khanna. Poonam did 6 films with superstar Rajesh Khanna. Her first film with Rajesh Khanna was 'Red Rose' released in 1980. After this film, Poonam also worked with Rajesh Khanna in big films like 'Dard', 'Nishan', 'Zamana', 'Awam' and 'Jai Shiv Shankar'

Poonam's mother did not support her initially

In one of her interviews, Poonam says that working in films was quite challenging for her at that time because her mother did not want her to go into films at all. When she told her mother that she had got a chance to act in 'Trishul', it was quite shocking for her mother and she did not even talk to her for many years. However, when later her mother saw that Poonam was getting money as well as respect in this profession, then her mother became a little normal. However, at that time Poonam had to follow many rules like reaching home at 10:30 pm at all costs, not going out late night with friends and taking parents along on outdoor shoots.

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