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Monday, May 27, 2024

Punjab rapper King Badshah will marry Muslim actress Hania Aamir! The actress gave this answer openly


Badshah- Rapper Badshah remains in the news for his blockbuster songs, but this time he is in the headlines not for any of his songs but for his marriage. Actually, some media reports and fans claim that Badshah will soon get married and become the son-in-law of Pakistan. Let us tell you that these days Badshah's name is being linked with Pakistani actress Hania Aamir, and it is also being said that both of them keep meeting many times in Dubai, and now they are going to get married soon.

Badshah will become Pakistan's son in law

Just a few days ago, rapper King Badshah and Pakistan's cute actress Hania were seen together in Dubai. Also, many pictures of both of them have surfaced on social media, after which news of their affair is constantly coming out. These speculations gained momentum when the Pakistani actress shared a photo with Badshah on her Instagram. After this photo, Badshah's fans once again started dreaming of seeing Badshah as a groom. At the same time, when there was a lot of discussion about the relationship between these two, Hania spoke openly on this matter in an interview.

Hania broke her silence on her relationship with Badshah

While fans are discussing that Badshah and Hania are dating each other and are going to get married soon, on the other hand, in a TV interview, Hania has described Badshah as just a good friend, although she has told that both of them have met several times in Dubai. Also, when Hania was asked about her favourite song, she said that Badshah, Hiten and Karan Aujla's 'God Damn' is her favourite song and said that this song is very good. Meanwhile, speaking on the rumours of her relationship with Badshah, Hania said that 'the only problem is that I am not married, if I was married then people would not have made such assumptions about my friendship with Badshah'.

Both of them became friends through Instagram

Due to the cuteness of Pakistani actress Hania Aamir, she has a great fan following not only in Pakistan but also in India, while Hania is also very active on social media. And it was through social media that she and Badshah became friends. Actually, while talking about Badshah, Hania herself has told that Badshah had commented on one of her reels, and when she checked the DM, Badshah had also sent a message, after which both of them slowly talked and they became very good friends. During this, Hania praised Badshah a lot and said that he is really a very good and simple person. And this is also the reason why their friendship is very good.

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