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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Mercury crosses 47, these 7 food items will save you from heat stroke

The havoc of heat wave and extreme heat has increased to such an extent that an alert has been issued in many states. People have been advised to stay indoors to avoid the scorching heat. To avoid the terror of heat, it is advisable to eat some things. Keep your body cool by eating these 7 things in summer...

The temperature has reached 46-47 degrees in most parts of India including Delhi. In such a situation, it is important to avoid going out in the scorching sun. It is important to pay special attention to food to keep the body cool and hydrated. According to the CDC, when a person becomes a victim of heat stroke, the body temperature increases rapidly. According to experts, eating food rich in electrolytes and antioxidants helps in controlling body temperature.

Do you know that body temperature can be kept under control by eating some things in summer. There are many food items including curd, watermelon, which have high hydration level and are also rich in nutrients. Let us tell you which 7 things you can eat in summer to protect yourself from heat and sunstroke.


Everyone's favorite, from children to adults, watermelon contains more than 90% water. You can consume it to maintain the water level in the body. Watermelon contains essential elements like potassium and magnesium. Naturally sweet watermelon keeps us energetic in summer. Apart from cutting watermelon and eating it, you can also make a refreshing drink from it. Also include cooling agents like lemon and mint in the drink and stay healthy.


Cucumber, which is most commonly eaten in salad, contains about 95 percent water. Apart from hydrating properties, it also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, by eating this you can reduce the risk of many health problems. According to experts, it contains Vitamin C due to which it also boosts our immunity. Apart from cucumber salad, you can also drink its raita, sandwich and detox water.

coconut water

The best source of electrolytes, coconut water fulfills the deficiency of minerals and nutrients like potassium, sodium and magnesium. It has less calories and is also sweet. By drinking this summer you will not only avoid dehydration but your skin will also glow. Apart from drinking coconut water, you can eat smoothie by soaking seeds in it.

sour fruits are best

To keep the immune system strong in summer, the intake of Vitamin C should be correct. Citrus fruits like kiwi and lemon are its best sources. Apart from keeping the body hydrated, they reduce the risk of diseases because they also contain antioxidants. Apart from eating kiwi directly, its juice can also be drunk. Apart from this, lemon water is the best drink of summer.


A source of essential nutrients like protein, probiotics, calcium and potassium, curd works to keep our digestive system strong. If your digestion remains fine in summer, you have less risk of diseases. Dietician Surabhi Pareek says that we must eat a bowl of curd in lunch. By the way, you can also prepare lassi, raita and other things and eat it. Apart from being healthy, it also tastes great.

Eat mint

Mint, which cools the stomach, is rich in many nutrients. Its nature is cold, hence it is considered a boon for the stomach. Mint, which calms the heat in the stomach, improves our digestion system. You can also make mint drink, its salad, peppermint tea and other things and eat it.

green leafy vegetables

Vegetables work like a panacea for our health. They are rich in minerals and vitamins like Vitamin A, C, iron and calcium. It is a low calorie food and helps in keeping the body hydrated. You can stay healthy in the summer season by eating spinach and other leafy vegetables.

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