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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mangoes are being cooked with calcium carbide, how dangerous is this chemical for health?

Calcium carbide is used to ripen mangoes and other fruits. FSSAI has warned those who save the fruit not to use it. It has also been said that action will be taken against those who use calcium carbide. Let us know from experts how dangerous calcium carbide is for health.

It is summer season and at this time the consumption of mango increases in the country. Many types of mangoes are available in the market. Many people eat mangoes with great enthusiasm, but do you know that calcium carbide is used to ripen mangoes before time. There is a ban on the use of calcium carbide for ripening fruits, yet it is used. In view of this, FSSAI has also become alert. Fruit handlers have been warned not to use calcium carbide. It has also been asked to take action against those who do not follow the rules.

FSSAI has directed the food safety departments of states and union territories to take strict action against those using this illegal chemical. This step of FSSAI is an important step to protect the health of consumers. Meanwhile, it is also important to know what calcium carbide is and how it harms health.

What is calcium carbide?

Professor Dr. Jugal Kishore, HOD in the Department of Medicine at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, says that calcium carbide is a type of chemical. It is used to ripen any fruit quickly. This chemical dries the moisture of the fruits and produces a gas called ethyl in them. This gas produces heat inside the fruits and creates such an environment that the fruits ripen before time. Dr. Kishore explains that the use of calcium carbide is banned, but it is used to earn more profits. This makes the fruits ripe before the stipulated time and the fruits reach the market quickly.

How does it harm health?

Doctor Jugal Kishore says that eating mangoes cooked with calcium carbide can cause many problems. This can cause serious problems like frequent thirst, dizziness, weakness, and difficulty in swallowing food. There is also a risk of liver and kidney disease due to this. Since calcium carbide is a chemical, if it goes into the body in any form for a long time, there is a risk of cancer.

What is the option

FSSAI has approved the use of ethylene gas for ripening fruits in India. Ethylene is a natural hormone that controls the ripening process of fruits. This gas can be used in concentrations up to 100 ppm (100 μl/L) depending on the crop, variety and ripeness. The use of ethylene helps in ripening of fruits naturally and it is also not harmful for health. The Central Insecticides Board and Registration Committee (CIB&RC) has also approved the use of a chemical called Ethephon 39% SL for ripening mangoes and other fruits.

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