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Monday, May 13, 2024

Make these mistakes while teaching children, then they will start running away from books.

It is very natural for any parent to be worried about their child's education, but some mistakes made while teaching can further distance the child from books.

Getting small children attached to books is a big task for any parent. Parents sometimes scold them for this, but some similar mistakes can further distance the child from studies. While teaching children, there is a need to be very careful, have creativity and patience. Children may sit down to study due to fear of their parents, but they do not get interested in books unless they get inspiration. Parents make such mistakes while teaching that children's mind starts getting diverted from books.

Many times children are self-conscious about studies, while some children start running away as soon as they see books. In such a situation, parents, while trying to convince their children to study, make some mistakes while teaching, due to which the child starts running away from studies even more.

comparison with sibling or classmate

While teaching the child, if he is repeatedly stuck on a subject, then do not even accidentally tell the child that look how well your brother or sister or classmate studies or how strong he is in this subject. Such comparative things increase the pressure on the child and due to inferiority complex, he may move away from studies even more.

use the phone

Nowadays it has become very common to keep using the phone. If you are teaching a child then do not make the mistake of using the phone during that time. Many times, while teaching the child, parents give him/her work to do and in between keep checking the messages and notifications on the phone. Due to this, the child's mind starts wandering from studies.

Do not increase stress regarding studies

While teaching the child, most of the parents scold them or keep asking them to study again and again. Due to this, the child's stress starts increasing and he will not be able to present what he has read properly. If too much pressure is applied then the child starts feeling bored while studying. Instead, set time for your child's study and play and gradually make it a habit in the routine.

Don't say this to your child

If a child wants to concentrate on studies then it is very important to appreciate him. Due to this, the child himself becomes serious towards studies. While teaching the child, parents should never say that he is very weak in studies. This may reduce the child's confidence and may divert his mind from studies.

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