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Friday, May 31, 2024

Kids Appetite: If children's appetite has decreased in summer, then follow these easy tips

Kids Appetite:
Small children often make a lot of fuss while eating food, in such a situation keeping them healthy becomes a task for parents. You can adopt the tips given here to keep your child healthy during the summer days.

Kids Appetite: Maintaining the health of children in any season is no less than a challenge. Children often throw tantrums while eating. Therefore, due to not getting complete nutrition, they start falling sick quickly. Especially every child runs away from healthy food. But for the better growth of children, it is important to give them nutrition along with filling their stomach. Otherwise, it can have a direct impact on their growth.

As soon as the summer season arrives, the appetite of children as well as adults decreases. In this season, children should be given such food which fills their stomach and also gives them full nutrition. Parents are often worried about the food habits of children, in such a situation, with the help of some tips given here, you can pay special attention to the diet of children.

1. Give liquid diet

To provide full nutrition to children in summer season, give them as much liquid diet as possible. This will not make them feel dehydrated quickly and they will be able to have fun with energy throughout the day. Apart from this, you can keep the body of children cool with the help of these drinks.

2. Don't make the mistake of skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of our day, never make the mistake of skipping it. Even if your child is waking up late in the morning, instead of giving him lunch directly, give him a light breakfast first. For breakfast, you can give children porridge, soup, upma or chopped fresh fruits.

3. Do not give oily things

Children often insist on eating something unhealthy in the evening, in such a situation, you can feed them something healthy by preparing something healthy at home. Instead of unhealthy snacks, you can prepare things like makhana chaat, chana chaat, corn cobs for them at home.

4. Do not feed too many things at once

Do not feed your child too much food at once in order to fill his stomach. This can cause digestive problems. Therefore, keep giving something to eat to small children at an interval of every 2 hours.

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