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Monday, May 27, 2024

India-China war, natural disaster and Kalki avatar… what is the prediction of Bhavishya Malika?


Bhavishya Malika Purana: Bhavishya Malika is an ancient book written in the Oriya language. It contains predictions on various topics including future events, natural disasters, wars and social changes. The book was written by 16th century saint Achyutananda Das. The predictions made in this book are written in riddles, which are difficult to decode and that is why sometimes multiple meanings are derived from the things written in it.

world war 3 will start

According to the Bhavishya Malaika book, the Third World War will start anytime after 2024, which will last for the next 6 years and 6 months. During this time, our neighboring country China will attack India along with 13 Muslim countries, but despite this, India will win this war. Apart from this, during this war, the process of death of creatures on earth will start. Due to which new epidemics will spread and no doctor will have its cure. Those who decoded this book have also made predictions outside India, according to which in the coming times, there will be such a terrible war in Mecca-Medina (the holiest place of Islam) that the entire Middle East will be destroyed by it.

Those who decoded the book said that after the year 2024, solar flares will emerge from the Sun which will be so powerful that satellites, radio and internet will stop working, due to which there will be a blackout in the whole world i.e. there will be no electricity anywhere in the world. Recently in May 2024, a similar solar flare hit the earth, due to which all radio stations in Australia, China and Japan were shut down.

Two-three months ago, a similar solar flare had hit the US and Canada, which shut down radio stations there. Meaning, these predictions were such that the Sun will stop being charitable and the heat will increase all over the world. At present, climate change and this prediction are quite similar, but it is up to you to believe it or not.

Nature will wreak havoc like this

According to Bhavishya Malika, farmers will get disappointed with the rain and will stop doing farming. Due to natural disasters, wild animals will start attacking cities and villages. Wherever the cyclone winds go, they will spread destruction and people will get scared just by the sound of strong winds.

If we look at today's time, farmers are forced to leave farming because they do not get as much profit as they work hard for. Natural disasters have become a common thing today, we are seeing incidents like forest fires, drought in many countries and floods in many countries.

Only 70 crore people will survive in the world

There is one such prophecy in it, which many people who decode it agree on. That prophecy is that after the year 2020, three big earthquakes will occur and these earthquakes will be so big that the places where there were mountains earlier will turn into land. The places where there were land will turn into rivers and the places where there were rivers earlier will turn into mountains. This earthquake will change the shape of our earth, due to which the whole world will be destroyed.

Another similar prediction in Bhavishya Malaika is that due to such devastating events in the coming few years, the human population on earth will remain only around 70 crores, which means that out of the 800 crore people in the world today, about 90 percent of them will die and only 70 crores will survive, out of which 33 crores will survive in India alone. If this happens, then half the world's population will be in India only and the rest half will be in the whole world.

When will Kalki avatar appear?

The book Bhavishya Malika also mentions about the Kalki avatar. According to it, when Kalyug will be on the verge of ending, Lord Kalki will be born at a place called Sambal. There are many places called Sambal in India. Kalki will be born at one of those places. He will come and destroy Adharma and establish Dharma. With this, Satyug will begin.

It is certain that Kalki Avatar will take place, but there is no consensus on when and where he will take place because different stories are prevalent in different states of India. People of Orissa believe that Kalki Avatar will take place in Sambhal village. People of Gujarat believe that Kalki Avatar will take place on the banks of Sabarmati river. Similarly, different stories are prevalent in different parts of India about Kalki Avatar.

Saint Achyutananda Das has written the book Bhavishya Malaika, but it is not clearly written in this book that this will happen on this day. That is why if five people try to solve a puzzle, then it is possible that all five of them will derive different meanings from it.

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