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Monday, May 27, 2024

Best foods for pregnant women in summer, both mother and child will remain healthy


During pregnancy, women need to take twice as much care of their health, because during this time their good and bad health also affects the health of the baby growing in the womb. During pregnancy, it is said to take special care of food. Actually, during this time the woman is eating not only for herself but also to nourish the child. At present, women who are in the pregnancy phase in summer should include such nutrient rich food in their diet which helps in keeping the body hydrated and cool.

The scorching heat has made everyone's condition miserable and during this time, women who are pregnant may feel even more tired and weak due to the hot weather. So let's know which are the foods that will help in keeping the body cool along with giving energy and nutrition.

Include curd in your diet

Pregnant women can include curd in their diet during summers. Curd is rich in calcium and also contains many nutrients including vitamin D and protein. The good bacteria present in it help in maintaining good gut health. Consumption of curd also cools the body.

Drink coconut water

In summers, lack of water in the body can lead to a very serious situation, therefore, pregnant women should include coconut water in their diet besides drinking water to keep the body hydrated. Coconut water acts as a natural electrolyte and helps in giving instant energy to the body. In this way, you will also be protected from fatigue and weakness during pregnancy.

Eat seasonal fruits rich in water

Fruits are rich in nutrients and different types of fruits should be included in the diet during pregnancy. Especially during summer, include seasonal fruits in the diet which are also rich in water.

Eat these green vegetables

Pregnant women should include vegetables like bottle gourd, ridge gourd, tomato, tinda in their diet in summer. These vegetables are very easy to digest and are also rich in water. Apart from this, eat cucumber, gherkin, onion etc. as salad.

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