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Tuesday, May 7, 2024

If you chew nails then know what harm can happen from this bad habit.

The habit of nail biting is not only found in children, but adults too often start biting nails. Your nails definitely get damaged due to this habit. Apart from this, health is harmed in many ways.

You too might have been scolded for biting nails in your childhood, but this is a habit which is seen not only in children but also in adults. Many times people start chewing nails when they are sitting idle, while some people have the habit of chewing nails when they are stressed. This not only spoils the shape of your nails, but it can also cause many other health and skin related problems. Due to these bad habits, health can be badly affected.

Nail biting is a habit due to which many diseases can develop in your body, hence it is very important to say bye-bye to this habit. Even though it may be difficult, it is not impossible. For now, let us know what harm can be caused by the habit of biting nails.

Skin infection may occur

Due to constant biting of nails, the surrounding skin also starts getting damaged and due to this, problems like the appearance of fibers in the skin and wounds also increase. Due to which the possibility of skin infection increases. Even visually it looks quite unhygienic.

Stomach related problems may occur

When you bite nails, bacteria from your mouth also enter your stomach and this also affects your digestive system. Due to which you may suffer from stomach related problems. Due to this habit, you may face health problems like diarrhea and vomiting again and again.

There may be problems related to teeth and gums

The habit of biting nails also harms your oral health. This may increase the chances of getting a disease called bruxism. Actually, this problem usually occurs due to tight clenching of teeth, grinding, consumption of medicines etc. At the same time, the habit of continuously biting nails can also increase the chances of this disease.

May fall ill again and again

Many types of bacteria start growing in the dirt accumulated in the nails and when you bite the nails with your teeth, these bacteria enter the body, due to which the possibility of infection increases and you can become sick again and again.

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