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Friday, May 31, 2024

If you are troubled by split ends, then apply this hair mask made of flaxseed and egg

Split Ends Cure At Home:
Most people face the problem of split ends during summers, in such a situation you can repair your hair by using eggs and flax seeds. Let's know how to make a hair mask with eggs and flax seeds.

Split Ends Cure At Home: As soon as the summer season starts, we have to face many problems related to not only the skin but also the hair. One of these is the problem of split ends. This problem occurs when the cuticles of the hair get damaged. There can be many reasons behind the damage to the cuticles of the hair. The problem of split ends becomes very common in the summer season. In this season, hair gets damaged quickly due to the harmful rays of the sun, due to which there is a complaint of split ends. Apart from this, using excessive heat styling tools or chemical products can also damage your hair quickly.

To get rid of the problem of damaged hair, you will find many types of products in the market, but harmful chemicals are used in making them, due to which the hair can get even more damaged. In such a situation, to protect the hair from getting damaged and make them shiny, you can prepare a hair mask at home. Before solving this problem, let us know why the problem of split ends occurs.

Why does the problem of split ends occur?

Although the problem of split ends can happen to you in any season, but this problem increases more during summers. Let's know the reason behind this.

1. Harmful rays of the sun damage the outer layer of the hair. Especially if you go out in the sun without wearing a hat or covering your hair, then your hair can get damaged quickly.

2. Excessive use of heat styling tools makes the hair weak and starts breaking and also leads to split ends.

3. In the summer season, people wash their hair frequently due to sweat. Due to this, the natural oil of the hair gets removed and the hair starts looking dry and lifeless.

Make a hair mask with egg and flaxseed

To get rid of the problem of split ends, you can use flax seeds and eggs. Eggs are rich in protein and vitamins, while flax seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which keep the hair moisturized.

How to make a hair mask?

First of all, take an egg in a bowl and beat it well, after this add flaxseed powder or oil and mix it well. Leave this pack on the hair for about half an hour. After half an hour, wash your hair with lukewarm water, if you want, you can also wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

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