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Monday, May 13, 2024

Do field work? Include these things in your diet to avoid heat and sunstroke

If you do field work. So, to avoid heat, you can include these things in your diet. Apart from providing coolness to your body, it can also prove beneficial for your overall health.

It is very important to take doubly care of your health in summer. Especially for those who do field work. Because they have to roam outside in the harsh sun and heat all day long. In such a situation, there remains a risk of heat stroke. Due to which, apart from headache, they may have to face problems like vomiting, dizziness and fever. Therefore, they should take utmost care of their diet during the summer season.

Many people like to drink ice cream and cold drinks to get instant relief from the heat. But this can also harm their health. In such a situation, they should include such things in their diet, which help in keeping their body hydrated. For this, you can also include these foods in your diet. You can take it with you while going to work.


Consuming watermelon in summer can prove beneficial for the body. Water is found in large quantities in it. In such a situation, it can help in keeping the body hydrated. If you do field work, you can consume watermelon at breakfast or take it with you.

Cucumber and Cucumber

Cucumber is consumed as salad. Well, you can consume it in any season. These contain high amount of water. Therefore, its consumption in summer can prove beneficial. Consuming it can help in keeping the body hydrated. You can serve it as salad during field work, office or in children's lunch. Many other types of nutrients are found in it, which are essential for the body. Besides, you can also prepare cucumber juice and consume it.

buttermilk and curd

Consuming curd and buttermilk in summer can also prove beneficial. Their nature is cold. In such a situation, consuming it provides coolness to the body. Additionally, probiotics are also present in curd, which can prove beneficial for digestion. You can take curd or buttermilk with you from home. If you stay out for a long time. Can buy from outside.


Consuming lemon water in summer can prove beneficial for health. This can provide relief from digestive problems such as indigestion, bloating and gas. Besides, it can also help in keeping the body cool. Therefore, you can consume lemon water after returning home or during the day. But keep in mind that consuming it daily can also cause harm to health. Therefore, consume different things every day. Like consuming buttermilk on one day and lemon water on the second or third day.

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