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Saturday, May 4, 2024

Attention Diabetic patients should not eat these things on an empty stomach, it will cause harm.


Diabetes: Nowadays, diabetes patients are increasing rapidly, people are becoming victims of diseases like diabetes at an early age. Such patients need to pay more attention to their eating habits. Because by doing this, diabetic patients can keep their blood sugar under better control and can also keep themselves healthy. A diabetic patient should take special care of breakfast and dinner. Let us know what diabetic patients should eat and what not?

These foods can be dangerous

Sugar is usually uncontrolled in the morning due to hormonal changes. In such a situation, if you are a diabetic or pre-diabetic patient then you should avoid eating things like fruits, honey and biscuits, because they prove to be the worst food items. In this regard, doctors say that in diabetes and pre-diabetes, any food which releases the sugar present in it rapidly should be avoided, especially on an empty stomach because it will increase the sugar in the body and disturb the sugar control. Could.

Be careful of high GI foods

The most important thing is that diabetic patients should avoid eating high GI foods. Glycemic Index (GI Index) GI is a rating system of carbohydrate-rich foods that tells us how quickly any food can increase our blood sugar level. For example, the glycemic index of wheat is 70. Whereas green vegetables have the lowest GI index. Therefore, after eating it, the blood sugar level increases very slowly and very slowly. When the GI of a food is between 100 – 70, it is considered a high GI food. High glycemic index includes high carb foods, ultra processed foods and sugary foods.

Don't eat these things even by mistake 

1.White bread has high GI and is a processed food which does not contain any nutrients and fiber. Therefore, diabetic or pre-diabetic patients should not eat it even by mistake.

2. Foods like corn flakes/cereal bar/muesli are rich in protein but these products contain high amount of sugar, hence they should not be consumed by diabetic patients.

3. Fruit juices are rich in natural sugar. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber, but consuming them on an empty stomach in the morning is harmful for diabetes. You can consume it after breakfast or at any time during the day.

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