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Tuesday, April 30, 2024

When is Peepal tree growing in the house not inauspicious, these 5 rules related to plants will not allow the poor to do so


According to astrology, what is the meaning of planting trees inside the house or in the courtyard of the house? At the same time, trees can be planted outside the house. According to Vastu experts, if auspicious trees are planted in the right direction outside the house, then the person gets auspicious results.   

Many such trees and plants have been mentioned in Vastu Shastra, which are considered auspicious to plant inside or outside the house. But sometimes some plants grow on the roof of the house or outside the house which increase the flow of negative energy in the house. Similarly, sometimes the Peepal plant also comes to the house on its own. According to the scriptures, know which peepal tree is not considered inauspicious. 

According to Vastu experts, if Peepal tree has less than 1000 leaves, then it is kept in the category of plant. In such a situation, if they are not in the right place, they can be removed. But it can be removed from one place and placed at another place. But if a Peepal tree has more than 1000 leaves, then it should not be removed. 

It is believed that the Peepal tree planted in the house should not be in the east direction. If this happens, then the fear of ghosts and spirits remains in the mind. Also, as the tree grows, people at home have to face money problems. Vastu experts say that if the thorny or milky trees in the house cannot be cut, then auspicious trees should be planted near them. 

Tulsi plant in the house is considered beneficial for humans. It is said that by seeing Tulsi after waking up in the morning, a person gets the result of donating gold. According to the scriptures, Tulsi should not be planted in the south direction of the house. Otherwise the person's physical pain starts increasing. 

According to Vastu Shastra, by planting milk tree in the house, a person has to face financial crunch. At the same time, if fruit trees are planted, then there will be some problem related to the person's children. It is said that even their wood should not be used in the house. Planting such plants causes problems to both women and children. 

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