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Monday, April 29, 2024

Swiggy had to pay Rs 5 thousand for ice cream worth Rs 187, know what is the matter?

A Bengaluru court has imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 on food delivery company Swiggy, that too for an ice cream worth Rs 187. Actually, a customer had complained against Swiggy that it did not deliver the ice cream and also took the money, even though it was declared on the app that the order has been delivered.

Such cases often go viral in which a shopkeeper took more money from people in exchange for some goods. Actually, there are many shopkeepers who charge people more than the MRP and many people do not even pay attention to it, but there are many people who directly complain about it in the consumer forum, after which the shopkeeper To take, one has to give. Nowadays one such case is in discussion. Food delivery company Swiggy has been fined Rs 5,000 in one case and that too for just Rs 187.

Actually, the matter is such that a person from Bengaluru had ordered a chocolate ice cream worth Rs 187 from Swiggy, but Swiggy did not deliver his order. According to reports, despite the delivery agent taking the order from the ice cream shop, the ice cream never reached the person, while Swiggy's app falsely showed that the order was delivered to the person. After this the person spoke to Swiggy's customer care and told him the whole story and also asked for a refund, but Swiggy did not refund his money.

Court rejected Swiggy's claims

Angered by this attitude of Swiggy, the person decided to take the matter to the Consumer Commission. However, Swiggy tried to defend itself by saying that it was only a mediator between the customer and the restaurant. It argued that it could not be held responsible for the alleged mistake committed by its delivery agent, but the court rejected Swiggy's claims and held that Swiggy's failure to refund despite non-delivery of orders Shows its 'deficiency in service' and 'unfair trade practices'.

Customer had asked for compensation of Rs 10 thousand

According to reports, the complainant had initially demanded compensation of Rs 10,000 from Swiggy and Rs 7,500 for legal expenses, but the court declared the compensation amount excessive and ordered Swiggy to pay Rs 5,000.

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