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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

The royal family is somewhere in Banaras… the way of wearing saree is different in every state of India.

In India, saree is considered to be the most beautiful attire of women and the sarees of every state reflect its heritage and culture and that is why you can see the difference in the design, fabric and wearing style of sarees in different states of India. Will get it.

You too must have heard this punch line, 'The Indian woman is heavier than everyone else in saree'. Be it housewives or working women, even big business women and actresses have an amazing craze for sarees. Even though new designs of sarees keep coming in the market, the most craze is seen for handloom sarees. From Banarasi to Kasavu… the way and design of wearing sarees is also special in different states.

No matter how many new trends are set in the fashion world, sarees have always been the first choice of women. If we talk about Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Bandhani or any handloom saree, then it gives a perfect look for every festival or official event. Apart from this, even today a large population of women in India wear saree in their daily routine. So let us know the specialties of sarees and their names in different states.

banarasi sarees

As the name suggests, Banarasi saree is from Banaras. This saree has also got the GI tag of Banaras. Amazing workmanship done with silk and cotton, bright colors and exquisite designs of flowers and leaves make Banarasi sarees special. Even today, Banarasi sarees are definitely bought for the new bride in Indian weddings. These sarees give you a very rich and royal look.

Kanjivaram Saree

Kanjivaram or Kanchivaram saree, made in the Kanchipuram region of the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, is not only the choice of common people, but many big celebrities are also seen wearing it. The history of this saree is considered very old. These sarees became very popular during the 19th century.

Kasavu Saree

Wearing Kasavu sarees is considered very good in South Indian homes on festivals, weddings and other auspicious occasions. Golden work is done on white or off-white colored fabric. Traditionally, gold or silver thread work is also done in it. The traditional Kasavu saree of Kerala is also known as Kasavu Mundu. From Malavika Mohanan to Keerthy Suresh, many South actresses are also seen in Kasavu sarees.

bomkai saree

The handloom Bomkai sarees of the eastern Indian state of Odisha are also very famous. This saree is also named after Bomkai village of Odisha, because it is believed to have originated from here. The history of Bomkai sarees is believed to be from the 8th century. The weaving of intricate patterns of flowers, animals, birds and nature inspired designs in it makes it special. Bomkai sarees are also called Sonpari sarees.

Patan Patola and Bandhani Saree

Gujarat, the hub of India's industries, is also known for diamond trade, textiles and arts and crafts. Patan Patola or Patolu sarees made here are famous all over the world. These are usually made from silk and can be worn on both sides. The special thing is that the fabric of genuine Patan Patola saree does not deteriorate for about 100 years. The origin of these sarees is considered to be from the 12th century. Bandhani saree, which gives a perfect look on the occasion of weddings and festivals, is also famous in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

chanderi sarees

Chanderi sarees are liked all over the world including India. The embroidery done on these sarees is quite unique in itself. The history of Chanderi saree is also very old and with time its fabric has also changed a lot. Today, apart from pure silk chanderi, cotton chanderi and silk cotton chanderi sarees are also available. Chanderi, located in Ashoknagar district of Madhya Pradesh, is famous for its glorious history as well as Chanderi sarees.

coral silk saree

Assam of India is known for its tea production and silk. The coral silk sarees here are very much liked. Apart from pure coral silk, many other varieties are also available in it. The specialty of real coral silk is that the older it gets, the more the shine of its fabric increases. Apart from this, Mekhla Sadar sarees of Assam are worn on traditional occasions, which are in two pieces.

paithani saree

There is a city named Paithan in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra, India and it is said that it was here that Paithani saree was hand woven for the first time and the saree was named after this city. These sarees are prepared in Yeola city of Maharashtra. Paithani sarees are woven from pure silk and gold thread work is also done in it. Apart from this, Nauvari sarees are very famous in Maharashtra. The style of tying this saree made of nine yards of cloth is also different.

tant sarees

Tant sarees are mainly worn in the Indian state of Bengal, which are made from cotton. For this reason, they remain very comfortable to wear in every season. Checkered pattern is usually seen in this saree. While buying, keep in mind that the designs on these sarees are woven with threads and not by printing.

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