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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Do not use this eye drop without medical advice, you may lose your eyes.


Whenever we have any kind of problem in the eyes, like redness, swelling or any infection, we often buy steroid eye drops available in the market and use them. We get immediate benefit from these eye drops, but hardly anyone is aware of the harm they cause to the eyes.

Every month so many people suffer from eye problems.

According to doctors, steroid drops available in the market certainly provide relief at the same time, but their use for a long time can endanger the eyesight. Using them for a long time may cause spots on the cornea and there is a risk of increased pressure on the eyes. Due to which eyesight can be lost. These eye drops should not be used without doctor's advice. Doctors say that every month around 100 people are arriving with eye problems.

Easily available eyedrops are damaging your eyes.

According to a recent report, in case of redness, itching and watering of eyes, the patients instead of going to the doctor, used eye drops containing steroids which are easily available at medical stores. Due to which he got relief at that time. But after some time, when their problem increases, the use of eyedrops is proving fatal for the eyes. In case of conjunctivitis, if the patient uses eyedrops containing steroids without medical consultation, he may even become blind.

Steroid use dangerous for children

Giving information about this, experts said that steroid eyedrops are causing damage to the cornea. Due to its excessive use, deep holes are forming in the cornea. Steroid eye drops are the cause of blindness and glaucoma in 20 percent of children. When children have eye problems, many times people buy eye drops from the nearest medicine shop without consulting a doctor. According to the information received from the eye department, some elderly people used eye drops when there was mud and redness in the eyes. Due to which his problems increased. The use of such eyedrops has led to the condition of glaucoma and cataract besides damage to the cornea.

Do not use it yourself

Do not use eyedrops available in the market without medical advice. Its excessive use can also destroy eyesight. In case of eye problem, do not use any eyedrops on your own.

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