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Wednesday, April 3, 2024

5 biggest red light areas of India, where prostitution business happens openly every day


 India's biggest red light area: The world of prostitution is no less than hell. While some women get trapped in this quagmire due to their compulsion, some live by killing their soul to feed their family. There are many red light areas in India where sex workers are working openly. Due to lack of concrete rules by the government, this business is running rampant in front of the police in India. Today, through this report, we are going to make you aware of 5 such places, which are called Asia's biggest red light area.

1. Sonagachi Kolkata

About 11 thousand sex workers work in Sonagachi, Kolkata, which is called Asia's biggest red light area. Here, from the youngest girls to 40 year old women work as sex workers. Every day thousands of women woo customers in this red light area in Kolkata. The documentary Born into Brothels, released in the year 2025, beautifully describes the plight of the women here.

2. Kamathipura Mumbai

Kamathipura Mumbai, known as Asia's second largest red light area, has been inhabited for many years. About 50,000 sex workers used to live here for 25 years. But in the last few years, there has been a huge decline in the population here. Due to the ban on dance bars in the year 2005, many girls had voluntarily devoted themselves to this work. Alia Bhatti's film Gangubai Kathiawadi, released on 25 February 2022, was inspired by the story of the sex workers here.

3. Budhwar Peth, Pune

The name of Budhwar Peth of Pune comes at third place. There are 400 brothels at this place and 7 thousand sex workers work every day. During the day, Wednesday Peth is filled with the bustle of shops and markets. So, as soon as the evening falls, a fair of sex workers takes place here. In every street some sex worker is seen standing in search of her customer.

4. Miraganj Allahabad

Miraganj red light area of ​​Allahabad (India's biggest red light area) is quite famous at number four in the list. Sex workers live in 4 streets here, although many times the police have raided and brought the girls out of this hell. According to reports, initially Mujra also used to be held here. The court had also ordered the removal of the brothel from Miraganj. Despite this, prostitution is still going on here secretly.

5. GB Road

The first name that comes to anyone's mind in Asia is GB Road situated at New Delhi Railway Station. About 1000 sex workers work in this red light area (India's biggest red light area). Here prostitution is going on openly in two to three floors. It is said that even the policemen think ten times before going to this red light area. There are shops below the houses on GB Road, in which sex workers live in small rooms. It is difficult for a common man to even breathe in these closed rooms.

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