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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Unique States Of India: Five such cities of India which are famous for their unique customs, definitely add to your travel list.

Unique States Of India: India is a city of diversity, every city here has its own specialty and identity. Today we will tell you about those five cities of India which are famous in the country and the world for their unique customs and traditional culture.

India is famous all over the world for its diversity and mythological culture. From the high hills of the Himalayan Mountains to the captivating beaches of South India, every place has its own distinct culture and specialty. Today we will tell you about some cities of India which are famous in the country and the world for their mythological customs and beauty of the city. Different festivals are celebrated in every city of India in its own way. Every city has its own unique specialty which makes it beautiful. Let us know about five such cities of India which are different from each other in every way.

1. Puri city of Odisha

Odisha is a very beautiful city situated on the east coast of India which is famous not only in India but all over the world for its unique Rath Yatra. Every year a grand Rath Yatra is taken out from the temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri which adds to the beauty of this city. This is an annual Rath Yatra which is celebrated with great pomp. A crowd of lakhs of devotees gather in this festival. The huge Rath Yatra of Puri is a symbol of devotion and unity towards God. This is the reason why every year this Rath Yatra attracts lakhs and crores of devotees. You can easily reach Puri city of Odisha and enjoy this grand Rath Yatra.

2. Varanasi, the city of Mahakal

Varanasi, a city of Uttar Pradesh state, is known as a spiritual city not only in India but also in the whole world. A confluence of mythological culture and amazing customs can be seen in Varanasi. Almost thousands of people come to visit this city of Mahakal every day. Especially the grand Ganga Aarti here is enough to fascinate you. Every year in Varanasi city, festivals like Kartik Purnima, Dev Diwali and especially Mahashivratri are celebrated with great pomp. You should definitely come to Varanasi once in your life to see this beautiful city and the Ganga Aarti here.

3. Jaisalmer, the city of kings

Jaisalmer is a very unique city situated in the desert of Rajasthan, it is also called the pride of Rajasthan. There is no dearth of places worth visiting in Rajasthan. But this city is popular for its special desert festival. This festival describes the culture of Rajasthan very beautifully. In the Desert Festival of Jaisalmer, you will get to see a unique program of camel race, folk dance, puppet show and traditional music. The main objective of this festival is to make people from all over the country aware of the food, culture and customs of Rajasthan.

4.Hemis Festival of Ladakh

Ladakh city is very famous for its tourism, this city definitely remains in the travel list of almost every Indian. Ladakh is surrounded by snowy Himalayan mountains which doubles its beauty. Hemis Festival of Ladakh is famous not only in the country but in the whole world. Hemis festival is celebrated as the birthday of Guru Padmasambhava, the propagator of Tibetan Buddhism. On this festival, you will especially get to see the folk dances, customs and traditional pujas of Ladakh. If you want to see direct evidence of mythological culture then definitely be a part of Hemis festival.

5. Thrissur city of Kerala

Kerala is also called the City of God, this city shows a glimpse of its unique culture along with its beauty. Thrissur Poram is the most famous festival of Kerala state which is celebrated every year with great pomp. In this festival, beautifully decorated elephants, traditional songs, music and a very grand display of fireworks are displayed. Every year thousands of people gather to witness this famous festival of Kerala.

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