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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Gobhi Manchurian Ban: Why was the sale of Gobhi Manchurian banned in Karnataka? What are its disadvantages?

Gobhi Manchurian Ban: This vegetarian dish prepared from crispy cabbage and sweet and sour sausage is a favorite of everyone from children to adults. You can easily make it at home with corn flour, cabbage and carrots. But despite being full of taste, the government has banned it. Earlier, Goa government was the first to ban this dish, now Karnataka city has also banned it. Let us first know what the whole matter is.

Many types of dishes are included in the list of fast food lovers, especially if you are a vegetarian then you must have eaten Gobi Manchurian once. Talking about taste, this dish is made with the help of very crispy and flavored sauce. Despite being so delicious, after Goa, now Karnataka city has banned this dish, let us know the reason for this and how Cauliflower Manchurian can harm the health.

Why was Gobi Manchurian banned?

The question is why this flavourful dish was banned, then let us tell you that synthetic colors are used in making Gobi Manchurian and also people take less care of cleanliness while making it. To make Cabbage Manchurian attractive, synthetic colors were used in abundance in it, which is no less than poison for health. According to some reports, it has also been found that the chutney served with it is also very harmful for health. For this reason, the government thought it right to ban this dish.

It is forbidden to sell Gobi Manchurian especially in street vendors and small shops where no special attention is paid to cleanliness and these people have been using poor quality ingredients to prepare the dish for a long time. Cabbage Manchurian is a kind of crispy dish, the powder used to make it crunchy causes a lot of harm to your health.

Cabbage Manchurian causes these harm to health

The things that are used in making Gobi Manchurian make it very unhealthy. Along with this, high amount of fat, sodium and calories are found in Cabbage Manchurian, eating it daily can soon make you a victim of obesity, high blood pressure and many other serious diseases. Synthetic colors are used to give golden color to Gobi Manchurian which can increase the risk of cancer. The oil used to fry it is of very low quality, due to which you may face many digestive problems.

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