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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Son met a horrifying death, parents wanted to teach a lesson, but something else happened

The couple had not even imagined that the consequences of one of their decisions were going to be so bad. According to the couple, they just wanted to teach their son a lesson, but after hearing the news of their son's death, they were devastated. The story of 17 year old Liam is going viral on social media. Know what happened to him.

Every parent has their own methods to deal with children's bullying. Some manage the situation by scolding them, while some try to teach them a lesson, so that they do not repeat the same mistake in future. But a couple from New Zealand had no idea that due to one of their decisions they would lose their son forever. 17-year-old Liam Ashley was the victim of a horrific death. Liam's story is becoming very viral on social media. Let us know what happened to him.

This incident happened 18 years ago, when Liam, from Auckland, used the car of parents Ian and Lauren Ashley without their permission. The parents were so enraged by this that they filed a police report against their son with the intention of teaching them a lesson.

A criminal case was registered against Liam. He was offered bail, but Ian and Lauren decided that their son should go to jail and face serious consequences for breaking the law. But one of her decisions taken in anger distanced her from Liam forever.

On August 24, 2006, Liam was being taken from the North Shore District Court to Mount Eden Remand Prison, but on the way, a dreaded prisoner named George Charlie Baker brutally killed him. Since the incident took place in a prison van, the methods of transporting prisoners in New Zealand were heavily criticized that year. There were a total of 14 prisoners in the van.

The parents were devastated after hearing the news of their son's death. He ran to the hospital. Liam's mother was crying badly. She was regretting her decision a lot. People are reacting fiercely to this story shared on social site X with the handle @timecaptales.

One user has written, parents would not have even thought that it would end like this. Whereas others say that there is great sadness in Liam's death, but the parents cannot be held responsible for this. Another user has commented, Imagine that you were murdered because you took your parents' car without asking them.

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