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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Piracy: Do not download movies or software from pirated sites, this 'enemy' is waiting.

Piracy Websites:
There is a big threat looming on piracy websites. If you use them to download movies, TV shows or software, then stop doing so immediately. If you continue doing this, you may become a victim of a major attack. Let us know this danger in detail.

Piracy websites are used extensively to download movies, web series and software etc. People easily download copyrighted content from here. If you also do this then be careful. A great danger awaits you. In fact, people who use piracy sites in India are most at risk of malware attacks.

The interesting thing is that there is more risk on piracy sites than adult sites and gambling advertisements. According to a study report released by the Indian School of Business (ISB), piracy sites are 59 percent more vulnerable to malware attacks than adult industry (57 percent) and gambling advertisements (53 percent).

Threat from pirated content

This study is based on a survey conducted during May 23-29, 2023 among 1,037 people above 18 years of age in India. According to the report, digital piracy poses a major threat to India's cultural products in the entertainment sector.

This includes copying, distributing or sharing copyrighted content without permission, including films, music, TV shows, books, software and other forms of creativity.

loss of several thousand crores

Digital copying of original products i.e. piracy affects the earnings of the Indian entertainment industry, including filmmakers, producers, artists and other stakeholders. According to global consulting firm EY, a loss of $ 3.08 billion (about Rs 25,600 crore) was estimated due to piracy in the year 2022.

This study revealed the fact that distribution of malware that attacks users' computers and mobiles has become a major source of income for those running piracy sites in India.

Especially among people aged 18-24 years, a greater tendency to access piracy websites has been seen. Along with this, the level of awareness regarding cyber risk among the youth is also very low.

recommended to the government

Professor Manish Gangwar, executive director of ISB Institute of Data Science and co-author of the study report, said, use technology to detect and block these websites.

The study also recommends the government to give high priority to digital copyright crime and enforcement and take strict action against the biggest piracy gangs.

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