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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Google and Meta prepare to deal with the threat of AI in elections

Preparations have started to deal with fake content like audio and video generated by AI during Lok Sabha Elections 2024. After the announcement of the dates of Lok Sabha elections 2024, the government also seems to be in action mode. The government has issued instructions to social media companies to deal with AI.

The dates of Lok Sabha elections 2024 have been announced and preparations have also started to deal with the threat of Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI during the elections. Meta and Google have geared up to protect themselves from videos, audios or pictures created with the help of AI. The government has also come into action mode so that the Lok Sabha elections cannot be influenced through deepfakes or voices created through artificial intelligence.

The government has issued instructions to all social media companies in view of the elections. In response to the instructions received from the government, social media companies have said that they are ready to deal with the miscreants who misuse AI. From political parties to all government and independent authorities are using AI technology during Lok Sabha elections. But everyone from the Union Minister to experts have expressed concern over the misuse of AI affecting the elections.

This was the reason why the government has come into action mode and warned social media companies to deal with the threat of AI. Misuse of AI can become a threat to the fairness of elections. In such a situation, the completion of the preparations by the top IT sector company Meta and search engine Google is no less than a relief news for the government.

Google-Meta took this step

Google and Meta have joined hands with 11 independent fact checking partners in 15 Indian languages. The company will give them access to Meta's content library so that the threats of AI can be dealt with. Independent partners will fact-check, review and rate the content generated through Artificial Intelligence and will put markers on the AI ​​generated photos.

Election rooms connected to India will be ready which will work in real time. Meta has instructed advertisers to declare in advance the content related to digital methods. AI related helpline service has also been started on WhatsApp, in which common people can send content and get it checked.

The limit of WhatsApp messages will continue as before. For your information, let us tell you that Meta will not give place to the content rejected by FactCheck on the platform. On the other hand, Google has launched Shakti platform, Google will work to make all the election related advertisements public.

Misuse of digital platforms is quite common during Lok Sabha elections 2024. Even though big social media companies claim to stop them, only the wisdom and intelligence of the voters can keep them away from fake news.

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