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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

If you're lucky, it's like this! A man became owner of Rs 8 crore by investing just Rs 4 thousand

A man from Massachusetts, America, worked as a carpenter. Recently, his luck favored him so much that he became the owner of more than Rs 8 crore in one go. Actually, the person had spent four thousand rupees and bought a lottery ticket and with the same ticket he won the lottery worth crores.

Who would not have the desire to become rich? Who wouldn't want to live a life of luxury, but not everyone's fortune is good enough to make them rich. You must have seen that many people try to earn money by working hard day and night, but still they are not able to accumulate enough money to live their life comfortably. At the same time, the luck of some people is so good that they become owners of crores in a single stroke. The story of one such person is currently in discussion, who became so rich in a moment, which he would not have even thought about.

Actually, the matter is such that this person won the lottery worth crores and that too by spending only four thousand rupees. The name of the person is Davison Alves Martins, who is a resident of Massachusetts, America. Davison is a carpenter by profession. He has suddenly acquired so much wealth that he probably doesn't need to do any work anymore, because with that much money he can easily live his life peacefully.

Won 50 thousand rupees for the first time

According to the Daily Mail report, Davison may not have dreamed of becoming the owner of crores, but he definitely dreamed of winning the lottery. In the month of January this year, he had bought a lottery ticket and scratched it. His luck favored him and he won around Rs 50 thousand. This was a very happy occasion for him, but at the same time he also had in his mind that he could win an even bigger lottery. So he spent about four thousand rupees and bought another lottery ticket and this time, Davison could not believe what happened.

Became owner of Rs 8.24 crore after spending Rs 4 thousand

According to reports, Davson had won the lottery of 1 million dollars i.e. about Rs 8.24 crore and in one stroke became the owner of crores. According to the lottery website, Davison is one of the approximately 20 lakh people who have won this bumper lottery jackpot. At the same time, along with Davison, the owner of the store who sold him the ticket has also benefited. That shopkeeper has received about Rs 8 lakh as bonus.

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