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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Will 'Naina' become the new 'Noida', which will write a new chapter of progress?

If after reading the headline of the news you are wondering what is 'Naina'? So let us just tell you that this is an economic city that is going to be built in the country which is going to change a lot. If you want to know other details about this then definitely read this news…

The country's capital Delhi saw a new path of progress when 'NCR' was created. In this too, while Noida and Gurugram became economic hubs, Ghaziabad became a residential hub. If we talk about Noida, then today it is no less than a boon for Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the highest revenue generating districts for the state, is an industrial hub and very soon it will also have 'Jewar Airport', one of the largest airports in the world. 'Naina' City will do something similar for the country's financial capital Mumbai...

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 'Atal Setu' or rather 'Mumbai Trans Harbor Link' on Friday itself. Connected to this bus is 'NAINA' (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Notified Area) City which will write a new chapter of progress for the financial capital of the country. Let us tell you how…

Benefits of 'Atal Setu'

Before understanding 'Naina', let us understand how Mumbai will benefit from 'Atal Setu'? First of all, Mumbai is a very crowded place in terms of population density. It doesn't even have space to spread all around like Delhi-NCR. Therefore, Mumbai has expanded to the adjacent Palghar and Thane districts, but there is a problem that to reach these areas one has to travel in the north-south direction from Mumbai.

Navi Mumbai area is in Raigarh district, but to make access here easier, it was necessary to develop the travel pattern in Mumbai from west to east. Atal Setu will provide the biggest relief to Mumbai. With this, Mumbai will be able to expand in all four directions.

'Naina' will be the city of the future

'Naina' is being developed in an area of ​​371 square kilometers near Navi Mumbai International Airport. According to a news from ET, there will be all modern facilities here. Besides, this area will also be affected by projects like Jawahar Lal Nehru Port Trust, Atal Setu, Dedicated Freight Corridor, Multi Model Corridor. This will be a new economic zone like 'Gift City' of Gujarat. This is just like an entire industrial and residential hub is being developed around 'Jewar Airport' which extends from Noida to Aligarh. Uran, Panvel, Karjat, Khalapur, Pen and Thane will also benefit from 'Naina'.

Will write a new chapter of progress

'Naina' city will write a new chapter of progress for Mumbai. On one hand, this will remove the problem of congestion in Mumbai. The second will give the industry a chance to expand to Navi Mumbai. Not only this, it will also increase the capacity of Mumbai as a port, which will create new opportunities for the country to trade with the West. Due to the multi-modal corridor, the industry will get a chance to flourish here, which will give wings to the progress of this city.

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