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Saturday, January 13, 2024

Sent wrong message on Instagram! You can correct your mistake without realizing it

Many times, in a hurry, you type a wrong message on Instagram or any other messaging app. After sending this message, you regret what the other person will think. To eliminate this guilt, Instagram has introduced the message edit feature, about which we are telling here.

Now all messaging apps and social media platforms are giving the option to edit the sent messages, similarly Instagram is also giving a similar feature to edit DM messages. If you are an Instagram user and you do not know about this message edit feature, then do not worry. We are giving you information about this here.

On most messaging apps and social media platforms, if you edit a sent message, the message receiver gets a notification that the sent message has been edited, but this does not happen in the feature of Instagram. To use this trick, there is no need to use third party app or any other hassle, because this feature is given inbuilt in Instagram.

Learn step by step how to edit message

First of all you have to go to Instagram chat and click on the person to whom you have sent the wrong message.

After this press and copy this wrong message for log time. After this, press Log again and delete it.

Like WhatsApp and other messaging apps, Instagram will not send notification of this deleted message to the users.

Now paste the copied message again in the chat box and make the changes you want to make.

After doing this entire process, now you send the edited message, of which the message receiver will not get any notification.

If it is not edited then this will be the reason

This new feature of Instagram has been named Background. Currently the backdrop feature is available only for US users. A time limit has been set for editing the messages sent on Instagram, which means you will never be able to edit the message. According to the new update, you will be able to edit messages sent on Instagram up to 15 minutes after sending.

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