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Saturday, January 27, 2024

Who is that judge who did not consider Israel wrong, said Israel-Palestine issue is historical and political

More than 26 thousand Palestinians have been killed so far in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza that has been going on for more than 100 days. There are more than 9000 children and about 6 and a half thousand women who died in this. But Israel is still not ready to stop. The case against him went to the UN International Court, the verdict was also against him to some extent but Israel has said that the war will continue.

It was yesterday Friday, in the evening according to Indian time, the top court of the United Nations ruled that Israel should provide relief to Gaza as soon as possible. The ICJ i.e. International Court of Justice also said that the deaths in Gaza and Israel should control the incidents of destruction. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has refused to accept this decision.

However, the International Court is being criticized in some circles as to why it did not immediately give an order for ceasefire. However, the question still remained whether Israel would be ready for a ceasefire? Well, now there is no sign of a war ban in sight. There are various reactions to the decision of the International Court, people also want to know who is Judge Julia Sebutinde, who has always been a part of the decisions taken in Israeli cases? This time too Sebutinde ruled against a panel of 17 judges.

The judge who did not consider Israel wrong

There was a total panel of 17 judges who first heard the case thoroughly. In its decision, ICJ suggested 6 steps by which Palestinians can be saved. Although all the judges openly supported these 6 measures, there was one judge who rejected all the proposals outright. The name of this judge is Julia Sebutinde. Julia belongs to the African country Uganda.

Julia, born in February 1954, is the first African woman to become the chair of the ICJ. This is his second term in ICJ. He has been on this post since March 2021. Sebutinde was born in Uganda when it was fighting for independence from Britain. Julia Sebutinde studied law in Uganda, Scotland.

What were Sebutinde's arguments?

Sebutinde's entire court career has been full of controversies. In his decision in the Israel case, Sebutinde clearly said that the fight between Israel and the Palestinian people is a historical and political one. Sebutinde said that since this is not a legal matter, it would not be appropriate to settle it legally.

Sebutinde also described South Africa's case as weak. South Africa itself had gone to the International Court accusing Israel of genocide. Some experts say that Sebutinde did not properly assess the situation before giving his decision, which is a matter of concern.

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