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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

What effect does using a mobile phone have on children while eating?

Often parents show their mobile phones to feed their children. But it can also have a negative impact on the child. Therefore, mobile should not be shown to the child while feeding.

In today's era, electronic devices have become an important part of our lives. Be it parents or children, often to keep their children busy, parents put phones in their hands or make them sit in front of the TV. Even while eating, mobile phones are shown to the children to feed them comfortably. But if a child eats food while watching mobile, it can have a negative impact on his mental and physical health.

If your child also has the habit of eating food while watching the screen, then it can have a bad effect on the health of the child.

mobile addiction

If the mobile is shown to the child daily while feeding, then it may lead to admission of the child. Even if you always feed food in this way to a small child, later on he may find this way of eating correct.

lack of knowledge about food

When we eat food, our full attention is on the food and we are aware of how much food we have eaten. Same is the case with the child. But if the child eats food while watching the mobile, then the child is not able to know what the child is eating and also sometimes he may eat less or more food than his appetite and if the child over eats, then Due to this, the child may have stomach problems or vomiting.

family bond

There was a time when the whole family used to sit together and eat food. In a way, dinner time was also family time. In this way the family bond also becomes stronger. But due to today's busy lifestyle, family members do not have time to sit together and eat food. But you should eat while sitting with your child. If you keep showing your mobile to your child while feeding him, he will never start a conversation with his mother during lunch or dinner and will not be able to understand the family bond.

food test

As soon as the food goes into the mouth, its taste is revealed. Every food has its own unique taste and food of different taste is prepared in every house. In such a situation, we can understand what we like and what we don't, but often you must have seen that children eat most of the things while watching mobile, whether they like the food or not. Feeding food by showing mobile phone daily is not good for the test of children.

explain to the child

If you tell children about the harms caused by phone addiction, then they will use the phone less. Besides, you should also tell them that eating while using the phone has a bad effect on their eyes, skin and health. But these things should be explained to children with great love.

To remove the child's mobile addiction while eating, talk to the child a lot while feeding. Do not force feed the child. Feed the child only when he feels hungry. If the child insists on looking at the mobile while eating, then you should ignore it. Try to know from the child what the child likes and talk to the child. You yourself should never look at your mobile while eating. Keep in mind, children always follow their parents.

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