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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

This 11 year old girl has a strange disease, even her own tears are fatal!

Summah Williams: This 11 year old Australian girl is facing a strange medical condition. Due to this disease, he has to endure unbearable pain due to his own tears and sweat. Summa Williams' dream is to become a dancer, but she can't even dance anymore.

People in the world suffer from many types of allergies. Some people are allergic to dust and dirt, while others are allergic to food items. That is, as soon as the body comes in contact with such things, it starts reacting differently. But have you ever heard that someone is allergic to their own tears? An Australian girl is facing such a strange medical condition, due to which the innocent child has to endure unbearable pain.

According to 7news report, 11-year-old Summa Williams from Queensland has dangerous allergies. In late 2022, he was taken to the hospital after suffering unbearable pain. Summa's skin had become dry and cracked. Not only this, there was swelling under the skin layer. Then the doctors told her mother that due to this disease, Summa has now become allergic to her own tears and sweat.

Skin falls off while bathing

The girl's 47-year-old mother Karen Jimny said, 'At first I thought she had sunburn. But when she started shivering even in the scorching heat and was troubled with itching in her skin throughout the night, I became very worried. After this, Summa was taken to the hospital, where it was found that Summa had staph infection. After this he was given anti-biotics. Karen told that when her daughter takes bath, the skin sheds like the slough of a snake.

Allergy even to own tears

But this girl's troubles did not end here. Later it was discovered that he had extreme eczema, and due to this disease he was now allergic to his own tears and sweat. For this, doctors give them injections, but the girl has to suffer unbearable pain on her face. Summa's dream is to become a dancer, but due to allergies she is no longer able to dance.

According to the report, the highest number of cases of eczema in the world has been seen in Australian children. The Eczema Association of Australia says that eczema is a common disease, which affects 30 percent of children and 10 percent of adults to varying degrees. Many people hold the weather responsible for this.

The CEO of Australian skincare brand Moogu said that the demand for Irritable Skin Balm Eczema Cream is very high in the country. An eczema cream is sold here every two minutes. He said, this disease is common and quite old. But even after this, the correct treatment has not been found till now.

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