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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Passengers lost their lives when this thing was seen in the plane, the flight was immediately canceled

Before taking off for New York, a passenger saw something in the wing of the plane that made his hands and legs swell. What happened next, he immediately told the crew member that he was not ready for flight. The matter escalated so much that Virgin Atlantic had to cancel its flight.

A 41-year-old man was left distraught when he found a bolt on the wing of a plane that was about to take off was missing. The man was about to fly to New York with his wife when this horrific incident happened. After this he immediately informed the crew member about this, after which the airlines were forced to cancel the flight.

Britain's Phil Hardy was scheduled to fly to New York on January 16 with his wife Magdalena Bobusia. But then his eyes fell on the wing of the plane and his heartbeat increased. Phil said that four bolts on the wing were missing. He immediately clicked the pictures. Phil said, 'All the screws were white and had crossheads. But only four of them were black. Seeing this, Phil was shocked and he informed the crew members about this.

Passenger charges

After this the flight attendant informed the pilot. Then an engineer was called to investigate the matter. According to Phil, he noticed that the engineer took a screw out of a different hole and inserted it into a missing hole. But he did not fit. Phil claimed that even after this, he was continuously told by the staff and engineers that the wing of the plane was fine.

Ultimately the flight had to be canceled

According to Mirror, Phil told that he did not agree with the engineer and staff. He was afraid that the plane might crash. However, as the issue escalated, Virgin Atlantic flights were canceled and passengers had to find alternative routes to travel.

No problem with missing bolt: Engineer

Airbus' local chief wing engineer said that the missing bolts that Phil had seen were actually secondary structures used to improve the plane's aerodynamics. According to him, the missing bolt does not affect the load capacity of the plane's wing or its ability to operate safely.

What did the airlines say?

Virgin Atlantic issued a statement saying that the safety of passengers and crew members is their first priority and there will be no compromise on it.

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